Wish you were here! Why Tweets are like postcards

You know the feeling, it’s raining outside and you’re at work facing the gray wall with the gray windows behind you. You check Twitter and there is your mate’s latest; ‘We’re having a great time on the beach’ and there’s the photo of said beach with plenty of blue sky. Looks lovely doesn’t it? If Read more about Wish you were here! Why Tweets are like postcards[…]

BOOK: Designing the Real World

This is a book about the technology people use as part of their everyday lives, and the spaces in which they live and work. The advent of interactive, digital media has given us a whole new area of technology, whose complexities mean that the design of user interaction is more important than ever before. Despite Read more about BOOK: Designing the Real World[…]

BOOK: The User Interface: Concepts and Design

  Everybody has problems using technology, from heating controls through to video recorders. Move to computers and the problems are even worse; even the simplest computer programs seem to behave in strange ways. This book considers usability of technology and examines the factors that play a role in the design of such systems. Its goal Read more about BOOK: The User Interface: Concepts and Design[…]

Starting interactions as though they were ongoing interactions

So… there is a current trend in the UX of interactions where the interaction is designed to make it seem as though it has already been underway for some time. The idea behind this is rather than concentrating on on-boarding users you just start talking to them as though they were on-boarded three years ago. Read more about Starting interactions as though they were ongoing interactions[…]

BOOK: Design for New Media

  New media is like a giant jigsaw puzzle; a combination of different skills and media.  We know all about the pieces, but the biggest problem is putting them all together to get the ‘big picture’ of new media design. Design for New Media gives a unified approach to looking at the area, covering both Read more about BOOK: Design for New Media[…]